Hello, I’m Erika. Welcome To My Little Space In This Big World.


I could write about how photography is my biggest passion in life, but how many times have you read that on a photographer’s website? I’d rather tell you about the person behind all these photos you see and WHY I do what I do. So, here we go!

I laugh, a lot. I will probably tell you bad jokes during our session to make you laugh too.

My husband, Richard, still gives me butterflies after 8 years of being together.

I’m a singer. Singing on stage for praise and worship at my church is when I feel most free.

I call my mom every day. I still rely on her for cooking questions and how to deal with life in general. I look just like her; she tells me I’m so much like my dad.

I love all animals. Yes, even the prairie dog on the side of the road that probably has a disease of some sort. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I talk to them in a baby voice.

I believe music is one of the greatest things in this world. No matter how different people are, there is one thing we all have in common – we all love music.

I can binge watch Friends and Harry Potter. I will always cry on the last episode/movie. Never fails.

I love the ocean. Standing on the shores, looking out and seeing endless ocean gives me peace.

The song “Vacation” by the Dirty Heads is the theme song for my life.

Jesus saved me.

Being outdoors makes me happy, and if you’re getting married outdoors chances are we will be great friends.


Why weddings?

Okay, now that you know a little bit about me, let’s talk about the WHY! Why have I chosen a career in photography? Why weddings?

I’d first like to start off by saying, my wedding day was the best day of my life thus far. I was smiling so much that my cheeks hurt by the end of the evening. The day went by very fast though. I love looking back through my own wedding photos and reliving all of the joy, tears, and laughter that I felt. I want to give people that same feeling when they look through their own photos. I love knowing that I’ve created a visual memory of two people so madly in love. My goal is to truly create an experience for my couples that they can relive through their photos.

Your wedding day should be fun; I aim to make that my number one priority. I don’t want to pose my couples in awkward stances that make them feel tense; I want to make you move and capture the little moments in between. The moments of laughter, tears, and excitement.

So, are you ready to go adventure and take some rad photos?